FTC Team Space

Thinking out of the box in an 18″ box

New year, new members!

Wij zijn blij om bekend te maken dat we 4 nieuwe leden hebben in ons team: Dylan, Reinier, Thomas en Olav! Ze vinden het erg leuk om lid te zijn van team SPACE en hopen dit jaar veel te kunnen leren over PR zaken en Engineeren.   (zie ook: over ons –> het team)

About Bart

joined in 2015

Hey I'm Bart, I'm 18 years old. I'm a member of FTC Team space since 9th grade. I'm currently in my last year of Havo. The past years I mainly focused on PR- tasks, but this year i'm going to be part of engineering. I'm really looking forward to this season and I'm hoping to learn a bunch of new things.
I participate in FTC because I did FLL in 7th and 8th grade. I wanted to go on so I naturally ended up at FTC.