FTC Team Space

Thinking outside box in an 18″ box


Welcome to the website of FTC Team Space, on our website you can find more information about our team, but also FTC itself. If you have additional questions feel free to use the form on the contact page.

Space is a FIRST Tech Challenge team from the Newmancollege in Breda, The Netherlands. The team consists of 8 enthausiastic students who share a passion for technology. Every member has its own task to make sure all the goals are met. The members are divided in several sub-teams. These are the builders, the engineers, the programmers and the PR-team.


After our debut in the 2015-2016 season we grew from a regular group of friends to a structured team where everyone has a clear task. We’ve learned a lot in the previous seasons and we’re able to use that knowledge to create our own robot. Aditionally, we want to share our knowledge with as many people to help them fix their problems.

A good example would be the coaching of 8th grade FIRST Lego League teams. The FIRST Lego League is a comparable competition in which teams also compete with programmable robots. We also give workshops about FTC and FLL in 6th grades of different Dutch primary schools in the hopes of making them enthausiastic for these programs in the future.

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Latest News

A very much anticipated update

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost. A lot has happened in the meantime: we qualified for the Dutch League Championship, and we also went to Vic, Spain. We won our first league meet, and did well in the second one. Too bad this quality of play didn’t…

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Kick-Off Skystone 2019-2020!

It is that time again! Since the end of the previous season, Reinier and I have been looking forward to the new season. Halfway through, six new member joined the club of waiting robot-fanatics. And then, after a few weeks, the day was there! The kick-off of the Skystone season!…

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Sponsoring Van Beek

Team Space is ontzettend blij om te vertellen dat Van Beek onze nieuwste sponsor is. Een van onze coaches had al een paar jaar goede connecties met Van Beek, en via daar is de connectie tussen ons gelegd. Van Beek is een bedrijf dat zich bezig houdt met energiemanagement. Al…

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